BTS' RM posted a picture to celebrate five years of "Spring Day" - Do you know these fan theories behind this song?

BTS' Song 'Spring Day' is arguably one of the best songs by the group, it depicts loneliness, longingness and hope. The song was released in 2017 and has completed five years. To convey his surprise and celebrate five year anniversary of 'Spring Day' RM, BTS' leader, posted a screenshot of the song with a caption, "Five years already". Fans have made many theories behind this song which healed many people with its beautiful lyrics and melody. Although BTS never openly revealed the meaning behind the song, Jin has mentioned during an interview that it is a story of a "Sad event".

Theory 1: You may or may not be aware of this incident called "Sewol ferry disaster" when a group of over 300 passengers were on their way for a trip to Jeju island, however midway their boat, which was overloaded, sank and many people (majority were students) on the boat lost their lives. The country has still not recoverd from that traumatizing event. The song reflects the pain of those who were left behind helpless in memory of their loved ones.

Theory 2: The song is also said to be related to the story of Omelas. It tells the story of a fictional utopian city near the sea, however, there is one miserable child who is suffering so that other members of the society could live peacefully, now the youth of Omela are only left with two options, either to live with injustice or to walk away from injustice, hence, everyone walks away alone. Although in the MV the message is you 'never walk away alone' and all the members were shown together leaving.

What do you think of these fan theories?