The world knows the power of BTS and their fandom ARMY, how they are a force to be reckoned with but does it know about the times the group “golden Maknae” unintentionally sold out products that they were not even endorsing?


Jungkook is the most beloved 23-year-old in the world. His V-lives cause a frenzy among the ARMY and the app crashes down whenever he goes live. All of his V-lives at least pull 10 million unique viewers and this is where he unintentionally ends up endorsing products. He is called endearingly as the “Promotional fairy” for this quirk of his.


Downy is a well-known laundry detergent brand and one tiny piece of information from Jungkook about downy, made it possible for the company to clear two months’ worth of stock in a single day. During his interaction with fans, Jungkook said that “I will go to bed after doing my laundry” and he revealed that he uses “it’s Downy. Adorable something something”. This caused the ripple effect that the companies whole stocks skyrocketed and their warehouses emptied in a day.


He also made Teazan’s Kombucha sell out after he was seen drinking it in his v-live, Teazen was actually on the plan to sell the brand but with the Jungkook fairy effect they opened up stores abroad also. After he wore multiple coloured hanboks to the airport, it became a trend in South Korea and all the Hanbok businesses became huge.


Once he revealed that he liked the book “I decided to live as me” causing massive selling of the book, the demand for the book was so high in Japan that the author had to translate and sell it in Japan. The book sold 2,30,000 copies in Japan only.