BTS’s MV directors open up about working with BTS from debut days

BTS climb to the top was majorly propelled by their music videos. ARMY’s adore their music video and eagerly wait for their comebacks to watch new choreography and get visually treated by BTS’s music videos. ZANYBROS is an MV productions company that has been working with BTS since its early debut days. The CEO and camera director Kim Jun Hong along with the MV director Hong Wongi of ZANYBROS revealed how it was shooting for BTS’s ‘War of Hormone’ video and how confident BTS was during their early debut days.

Talking about filming the War of hormones mv shoot they revealed that V had a peculiar request for them. V told them that he was going to start with a lollipop in his mouth and he will throw it away, he requested Jun Hong to catch it later when he throws it away, but Jun Hong missed it and the lollipop was broken. Jun Hong was so apologetic to V because of it.

Wongi said that even back then BTS were full of confidence and they signed a wall in their old office with “We’ll pay back your support by winning Billboard no.1”, but unfortunately, they moved away and the sign is now painted over. The directors said that they still love BTS and working with them.