BTS’s V is a lyrical genius and ARMY’s best friend

BTS is giving a series of interviews to Weverse magazine where they are talking about their secrets, working process and how they feel about ARMY. It was V’s turn today and he gave ARMY’s a glimpse into his life. The segment that especially impressed ARMY’s were those in which he talked about his working process and mindset behind “Blue and Grey” and “Snowdrop".

V wrote and composed “Blue and Grey” for his mixtape KTH1 but the members were so impressed with him that they wanted the song to be included in their new album “BE”. He says that he constantly writes in his diary about how he feels so that he won’t forget those intense emotions later.

"Blue and Grey" was also meant to be an emotional song where he wanted to just “let people know how I was feeling, and how we were feeling, at that time a little better. Obviously, everyone was having a hard time, but I think I wanted to share those emotions with ARMY as-is, including the pains we went through in our growth process.” He also shared that he wrote Snowdrop in just three hours and made the composition with Peakboy at the moment itself.

V says that he thinks of ARMY as his closest friend. His exact words were that “I love being able to talk with ARMY so much that now it’s like a habit that I read their posts. I have a thing today. I have a test today. I’m moving today. Somehow, I feel better when I hear their stories. When I end up reading things like about how ARMY are living or what kind of lives ARMY have, I can’t help but write a response, and because of that ARMY respond, so I try to become friendlier in a more fun way, too. I want us to be more than the Billboard number one Bangtanies—I want to be ARMY’s partner, their best friend, the friend who’s always by their side when we’re not on stage.”

He is such a caring and good soul inside out that is why his genius shines so bright.