BTS shared their awkward experience with the unusual recent 'Permission to Dance on Stage - Seoul' concert - Here's what they revealed

As we all know BTS recently had a concert in their home country South Korea after over two years which was streamed all over the world. However, it was not a typical concert since the ARMYs weren't allowed to scream, cheer or stand up which was as hard for BTS as it was for the fans. Instead, they used clappers to cheer the members. Recently, on a live session, they all revealed their awkward experiences with the concert.

SUGA, in the beginning, revealed that they knew it was gonna happen, yet "It took 2 or 4 times more effort to bring our excitement up for the show" which was not easy. Jimin followed to share that without their earpieces the members were super excited, but on removing them the crowd felt dead silent. So, he decided to keep them on no matter what. To which SUGA added that one of his friends came to the concert and the stadium was so silent that he thought the concert has been delayed.

To wrap up this conversation, the leader of the group RM spilt the truth and said, "I can tell you now that it's done but when we have the in-ears on, we can't hear the clappers at all. That was a bit sad." Members actually tried the clappers to confirm the sound of it which was actually loud. However, they did reassure that they will come back soon to louder cheers.

Did you stream BTS' concert?