BTS' Taehyung aka V's favourite K-dramas (with links)

BTS' members have recommended numerous K-Dramas over the years! I've finished watching all of Taehyung's aka V's favourites, so here are the links for fellow ARMYs who might be interested in watching them~

Itaewon Class

Starring his close friend, actor Park Seo-joon, 'Itaewon Class' follows a group of misfits who dream of opening a street bar. Mot only did he recommend the K-drama, Taehyung's song "Sweet Night" is also part of the OST.

Watch here:

Squid Game

While he has not openly talked about it, Tae did dressed up as a guard from Squid Game during their 'Permission To Dance Concert' in LA! I mean you'd be living under a rock if you don't know about this show but, 'Squid Game' follows 456 desperate contestants as they compete in a tournament of lethal childhood games for cash.

Watch here:


In 2018, Tae had recommended the webtoon 'Navillera' which has now been turned into a K-drama! The stroy follows a 70-year-old man battling Alzheimer's who, with the help of a young ballerino, fulfills his lifelong dream of dancing ballet.

Watch here:

Bonus: Parasite

Although not a K-drama, 'Parasite' is an Academy Award Winning K-film! Tae's recommended this film, which starred his close friend actor Choi Wooshik, in 2019.

Watch here:

(is available on Amazon Prime in some countries)