BTS' V breaks multiple records on his arrival on Instagram - Read below

On December 6, to everyone's surprise, all BTS members joined Instagram and created havoc. Among all the seven members, it's BTS' V who broke multiple records, leading by a very small margin from his fellow members. As soon as the members publicized their accounts, ARMYs rushed to follow them, they trended on Twitter for their usernames and pictures. While every member crossed 10 million followers in less than half a day, it was BTS' V who dominated Instagram, closely followed by others.

BTS' V became the fastest person to reach 1 million followers in just 40 minutes, this record was previously held by Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. Along with that, he also left Billie Eilish's record behind as his post became "The fastest celebrity to reach 1m likes" in merely 4 minutes. 

He also became the fastest person to surpass 10 million followers on Instagram in less than 12 hrs, the previous record-holder was Jennifer Aniston who did it in 24 hrs. The list doesn't end here, he also became the fastest K-pop idol to reach 5 million likes on his post, leaving BLACPINK's Lisa behind. Well, it wouldn't be wrong to expect that soon he will become the fastest person to surpass 20 million followers, would it?

Regardless of the records, the ARMYs are simply over the moon as they witnessed this day. As Big Hit Music explained, "The members opened up their own Instagram accounts to further express their individuality and also have various ways in which they communicate with their fans," the ARMYs hope to communicate better with the members.

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