BTS V was bullied in his school days?

In the wake of all the latest celebrity-bullying controversies, the childhood story of a broadcasting jockey who admitted that BTS’s V was his ‘service boy’ at school has reemerged online.

The event happened back in July 2015, when the BJ announced in a live video broadcast that he was attending the same primary school as V.

He said, “I don’t make friends with ba**ards like that? Ok? I am a little jealous of him now, but I wasn’t friends with him. If I just practiced like crazy for a few years, I would have been better off than that bas*ard. Taehyung you really succeeded, haven’t you. You used to be our ‘snack shuttle’ and now you’re more successful than me.”

This statement shocked fans as to how someone could so easily admit to bullying another student.

What are your thoughts on it?