BTS Webtoon "7 Fates: CHAKHO" stirs up controversy as Jungkook's character 'Zeha' is likely to be homosexual/gay

BTS "7Fates: CHAKHO", an urban-fantasy story where the 7 members fight against the deadly "beom" (tigers) who invade the city, has stirred up quite a controversy. Apparently, in a scene of the web novel version, Jungkook makes eye contact with RM which makes him wonder "This strange feeling seems to be flowing through my veins", "I'm embarrassed to feel this way when I see a man", "I feel like I've just fallen in love." It's mentioned that RM touches his chest and realizes that he felt the same thing. In a different scene, he notices RM's great smile and wonders how things would have turned better if they had met under different circumstances. Also, he has some moments with Jimin too.

Now fandom's opinion is divided about this issue. Some were shocked and said "I'm speechless. How can the agency do this? How can they commercialize the BTS members in this way?" Another fan said "Fanfiction is just a subculture. Is there a reason for the agency to make it?" Overseas fan sites also voiced opposition, "HYBE is attempting suicide." Some fans are organizing boycott campaigns, where they avoid any purchase of BTS products other than albums.

Fans are using the #FREEJUNGKOOK on Twitter to talk on this matter. Some fans are saying that it's just a work of fiction and it's not necessary to relate it with reality. And there's no need to #FREEJUNGKOOK from anywhere. They believe fans are becoming homophobic now.

HYBE is yet to reveal a statement. Meanwhile, NAVER Webtoon and HYBE have collaborated to release both webtoons and web novels starring BTS, TXT, and ENHYPEN. Free webtoon episodes are being released once a week, and web novels can be purchased till a particular chapter.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think HYBE took the right decision?