BTS's JIMIN is the wisest idol in K-pop

Park Jimin is one of the most popular idols globally and also in their home country of South Korea. Jimin is known for his kindness, sweetness and how attentive he is towards his group mates. BTS members on many occasions have said that Jimin is the one who cares about their wellbeing the most and he is also the one who struggles internally the most. Park Jimin has constantly battled body image issues and hate towards him from his anti-fans, but he has won over those battles and set marvellous examples for ARMY’s to follow.

In his 2015 vlog, he said “As hard as I try, I can't do it (vocal training) well. But I've made up my mind to do it, that's why I can keep going. Wouldn't I at least get what I deserve in the end if I keep going?”, encouraging his young fans to chase their dreams and not slow down after facing failures. Jimin stressed the fact that you do your hard work everything will work out in the end. While talking about his younger self, Jimin said that “I think I wanted to appear as a strong man. Now I don't have to pretend, I can just be myself”, setting the toxic masculinity in South Korea straight. He encouraged his fans to be themselves rather than what society expects them to be.

In their album launch meeting for BE, Jimin said that sometimes “even something intended to be consoling can make someone feel even worse” to stress on the mental wellbeing of ARMY’s. Jimin is the wisest one in K-pop not because he has a high IQ but rather because he had the most growth emotionally and matured into the kindest and loveliest human being.