BTS’s Jin sat down with Weverse magazine and gave an interview revealing his innermost secrets and what he really wants for his fans. The interview gave BTS ARMY an inner look into their favourite artists and lives and struggles. The ARMY started trending Seokjin on Twitter to cheer him up.


Regarding his song Abyss, Jin said that “Even I don’t know myself very well, and I was also depressed at the time, and that’s how I chose to face that part of myself. I never had a chance to meet myself, and I just feel like I was submerged in my own ocean and came back up to walk on the beach.”


And about his fans and his happiness he says that he felt the happiest when J-hope praises for his dance moves and improvement. Jin hopes that ARMY will never lose their laughter. His exact words are “I hope our fans don’t lose their laughter. I’m not really good at saying those kinds of cheesy things. It’s not in my personality. I feel embarrassed and cringe when I talk like that and I can’t take myself seriously, so I try to keep it to a minimum. But fans watch us as a hobby, you know? Hobbies are all about enjoying yourself and being able to laugh, so I want to look happy for them, not exhausted. I go out of my way to make funny posts or leave funny replies on Weverse to make them happier. I just hope anyone who likes me is happy. And I don’t want them to see anything bad. That’s how I feel about my work.”


We hope that you also would not lose your laughter. Isn’t he a true Superstar?