BTS's return to variety shows!

It is very rare to see the 7 talented BTS members star in Korean variety shows. Most of the shows that they have featured in are the ones produced by their own company. BTS is one of the most sought-after boy groups these days and the number figure of reality shows featuring them can be counted on fingers. Entertainment shows constantly offer regular invitations but it seems that they have difficulties hearing a “Yes!” from BTS. But to a surprise for many, BTS is making a comeback on Korean variety shows. Recently it was announced that BTS will appear on tVn’s show ‘You quiz on the block’ very soon. The 100-minute long episode will air on March 24. Fans are excited especially because BTS is a big fan of the show as well. Producing director (PD) Kim Min Seok commented, “BTS will join the 99th episode of ‘You Quiz on the Block.’ We are planning to create a genuine and pleasant BTS special by adding diverse content and the great chemistry between Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho.”