BTS's Suga's reaction to this YouTuber's video makes ARMY's swoon with love!

BTS members give abundance of cute, comical and meme worthy moments to ARMY's in their RUN episodes. Some of the most iconic and funny moments of BTS actually come from this show. Their recent RUN episode titled 'Hotel Staycation' had the members stay in some expensive to moderate rooms chosen based on few games. The BTS members had an amazing time in their staycation but no one enjoyed in quite like Suga.

The rapper was seen enjoying tasty food and a cat rescue video in his hotel room. Most of the tags, Labels, videos and staff members faces is blurred to protect their privacy and also to avoid copyright claims. So ARMY's around the world were left wondering what made the rapper smile so cutely? Finally, J-Hope revealed that he was watching a kitten rescue video and he has also seen this before.

ARMY's were very curious to watch the video that their beloved idols enjoyed. Finally, the YouTuber that shot the video revealed themselves through a reaction video. Their channel is titled 'Country Story of City Couple' and they shot the kitten rescue video that made Suga smile like that. A man who watches kitten rescue videos in his staycation is really adorable and no wonder ARMY's call him 'lil meow meow'.