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The bullies of the house Rahul Vaidya and Eijaz Khan..

This week the Bigg Boss episodes were absolutely unbearable to watch due to the constant fights and lack of content. Eijaz Khan has turned into the Gabbar of the house since his little date with Pavitra. His angry young man vibe, screaming in an awfully scratchy voice and feeling undermined is the conclusion to his personality and variety in content we'll ever get to experience. The makers will drag him along till Eijaz has secured a spot in the top 5. Rahul Vaidya is so insecure in himself that according to him everything around Rahul wants to go against his belief system! Aly Goni is the only friend he has managed to make while his ‘on talking terms/hate’ relationship has gone on with every contestant. The two have come to terms with each other and target Rubina and Abhinav for even moving a finger without the bullies permission. With zero respect and integrity they will continue this behaviour and Salman Khan will continue to praise them every weekend.

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