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Buttery skin just a step away- Nykaa Wanderlust Body Butter

Nykaa Wanderlust Bath & Body Collection, bottles up all your travel experiences with fragrances that still linger at the back of you head. Lets revisit those lands and fill your heart with memories with our floral fragrances and treat your skin to the comfort and well-being it deserves! Our body butter with its scented treatment leaves skin soft and enveloped in a sweet fragrance of jasmine. Enriched with Shea & Cocoa butter, our body butter is the ultimate skin food providing 24-hour moisturization. The fragrance is just sooo good. If I were to categorize it like I do when I review perfumes, I'd say it it has a very sensual scent and is an 'Oriental Floral'. It is good for winter use and Quality and quantity both are extremely good and I would recommend it someone who has dry skin winter is the perfect season to use this cream.


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