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Can Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut Ever Do Anything To Redeem Herself For All The Hate She Has Spread?

In todays world, it almost seems impossible to believe that there was actually a time when every Indian’s favourite Bollywood actress was Kangana Ranaut. She was not a woman of many words, but her talent, beauty and her grace spoke volumes. After her critically acclaimed and blockbuster movies, Queen and Tanu Weds Manu Returns managed to touch our hearts, the audience had high hopes from her and knew for a fact that the actress has a promising future. Little did we know that the beautiful era was going to be so short-lived!


Everyone’s perception of the actress changed after she made the mistake of joining social media and started expressing her unwanted opinions and spreading toxicity and negativity on the platforms. She attacked and cyber-bullied actors, politicians, celebrities and basically anyone with a differing opinion. After witnessing this off-putting, never seen before, side of Kangana, even her admirers no longer wanted to be associated with her. It’s been years now and there is no end in sight for Kangana’s social media shenanigans.


We thought that getting permanently banned from Twitter will make her realise her mistake but it looks like the actress wants to continue her bullying on Instagram. Her most recent attack was on Ayushmann Khurrana under Yami Gautam’s wedding post. It almost feels like spreading hate has become Kangana’s way to be the talk of the town.


We are well aware that she clearly does not care that her personal life is now affecting her professional life. However, if there comes a day when Ranaut changes her mind and wishes to turn over a new leaf, do you think she can do anything to redeem herself for all the hate and hurt she has already caused?


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