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Can films inspire real-life crimes?

Cinema is meant for entertainment purposes only and mostly, art imitates life. But there have been instances of the opposite happening. Here are some cases when Bollywood films inspired real-life crimes.


Dhoom 2 - In 2020, a man in Ghaziabad named Raghu Khosla, was caught by the police. He used to rob people on Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains by changing his appearance from a tea seller to sometimes a godman. He confessed that he was inspired by Hrithik Roshna's robbery acts in the film 'Dhoom 2'.


Special 26 - Earlier this year, a gang of five posed as CBI officials and robbed a doctor's house in Delhi's Pitampura. The men, who claimed to be CBI officers conducting Income tax raids, robbed the family of cash and jewelry. After getting caught, the accused disclosed that they were inspired by Akshay Kumar starrer 'Special 26' to execute this deed.


Drishyam - The super hit Malayalam film 'Drishyam' and its remakes have inspired several real-life murders. One of them is a 2019 incident where a man in Kerala killed his wife to be with his girlfriend. Just like in the film, he threw her phone in an express train to misguide the cops that she is traveling.


Kabir Singh - In 2019, a tiktoker named Johny Dada aka Ashwani Kumar killed a flight attendant after finding out that she was getting married. Before the cops could find him, Ashwini took his own life. Police investigation revealed that he was highly inspired by Shahid Kapoor's performance in 'Kabir Singh' and often posted videos mouthing the dialogues. One of them was, 'Jo Mera Nahi Ho Sakta, Usse Kisi Or Key Hone Ka Mauka Nahi Dunga.'


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