Can today's generation leave the same impact as Ranbir, Deepika, Alia and others?

Actors like Ranbir, Deepika, Alia have left a huge impact on the cinema today. When you compare them with today's generation, no one comes to my mind who can beat them or even leave 0.5% of the impact these actors have left. With almost new actors emerging with every new release, the story line of a movie is also dying. For an actor to prove themselves it's very important for them to get the right script to showcase their talent to the audience.

Today, actors like Ananya and Sara are ruling but in the coming years can they sustain the same energy or even more to make sure the audience are still in favor of them?

With Ranbir's performnce in movies like Sanju and Barfi, Deepika's performance in Bajirao Mastani and Cocktail and Alia's performance in Raazi and Gangubai Kathaiwadi, these actors are just raising the bar high and higher.