Can we expect a change in attitude towards Rhea Chakraborty as well after the entire Aryan Khan drug case?

Aryan Khan has finally got bail after almost a month in the drugs case. Being son of India's biggest superstar Shah Rukh Khan, the drugs-on-cruise case was heavily reported by national media. Serious allegations were put by central agency Narcotics and Control Bureau (NCB) claiming that Aryan Khan was not only consuming drugs but also part of an international drug trafficking racket.

And after denying any and all charges for almost a month and pleading for bail in court not once but thrice, when Aryan Khan finally got out of Jail, he was treated like a "Prince" who had returned home after a hard fought battle. Fans were gathered outside Mannat in huge numbers, holding banners, bursting crackers to celebrate the fact that Aryan Khan had won over the said central agency, despite their strong opposition in court.

Quite similar was the scene with Rhea Chakraborty last year, when the same said agency booked Rhea on charges of drug consumption and supplier. Rhea, at that time, even bigger social media trolling and hatred with no fan club or superstar backing to behind her. The media was rigorously covering this case as well, with some passing some severe character judgement on her as well. But she fought and survived 28 days in Jail before finally getting bail from the court.

Despite that fans and the audiences never truly received her well. Except for a few well wishers, even most of Bollywood doesn't want to associate with her, as per reports. But now that Aryan Khan is receiving massive support from Bollywood and the fans alike, do you think we can expect a change in attitude towards Rhea as well?