Can we stop calling Suhana Khan as 'female version of SRK' please?

Suhana Khan's debut is one of the most awaited star-kids debuts. It's no surprise why people are more eager for Suhana's debut than any other star-kids debut. Fans claim that Suhana Khan is a copy of her father and she has revealed the same during her Vogue shoot a few years back. According to her, SRK and herself have similar personalities. Ever since Suhana's debut film, The Archies, the teaser has been released, citizens have been trolling her and calling Suhana, the "female version of SRK". To be honest, now I'm getting bored of this tag. Shah Rukh Khan has achieved all this fame and success through a lot of hard work and his daughter is lucky to receive all that easily but that does not mean she does not have her battleship field. Suhana and SRK have a lot of similarities when it comes to physical features too. Previously Suhana used to get trolled for her color and there was a time when she took to her social media and called out these people. She also mentioned how she loves her color and is very proud to be brown-skinned. I think people should cut some slack and let the girl breathe.