Can't Understand Why SRK's 'Parenting' Is Being Questioned By The Media in Drug Case?

Aryan Khan's drug case is been going on for a while, with NCB arresting a bunch of high profile youngsters from a cruise ship in Mumbai. And while investigations are still going on, the Indian Media has already started questioning the parenting of Shahrukh Khan.

Just to be clear, Aryan Khan is being held up by the NCB because 5 gm of drugs were found with his friend, not him. And even if hypothetically, he was involved in some way, what has that to do with SRK's parenting? Aryan is a grown up man at 23, and probably makes all his decisions himself. But just to get some TRP by throwing in some big names, the media is distributing character certificates to people.

And the scary part being, that this has kind of become a trend now. Starting from Rhea, to Deepika to Salman to Shilpa Shetty and now to the biggest name they can find in Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan.