Careers of Bollywood actresses fade away after marriage?

This was the situation a few years back, but now the time has changed. The demand for good films, REAL ACTORS has raised the demand for actresses with talents. Earlier when actresses get married, the demand for them decreased, as a result, some of them quit Bollywood and some who try to regain the same image did not get the roles, but now we can see Deepika, Anushka, Rani, Priyanka, etc. Their craze has not decreased.

Usually, in earlier times actresses used to have a shelf life (8–10 years ) and gradually with time they would be relegated to playing supporting leads. So except for superstars like Sridevi Ji and Madhuri, most the actresses haven't been able to maintain their popularity beyond a point because there weren't well-written roles after you cross a certain age and as a result, a fantastic actress like Neena Gupta had to publicly ask for work.

What do you think about this? Is it true?