Castor oil to the rescue!

I remember my grandma recommending my mom castor oil several times. It was only now, when I have hair problems I'm trying castor oil.

Castor is used very effectively in the treatment of skin disorders skin infections and other skin problems such as sunburn, dry skin, boils, stretch marks. Wrinkle Treatment and fine lines, acne Helps remove dry patches and restores hydration of the skin.helps reduce split ends and controls hair breakage while conditioning and moisturizing your hair.  The oil is Easily available, Reasonably priced, Herbal Prevents hair fall and dandruff is Good for the skin and Good for stretch marks. It also claims to Thicken eyelash and eyebrow growth. Another plus point is that it's Travel friendly. I was searching for a good castor oil as I came to know that it helps in regrowth of hair , eyelases and brows .I was looking for a good castor oil with affordable price to give it a start . I was shocked to see the amazing results this products has helped me in regrowth of hair .you will see visible results in just one month . don't apply directly to your scalp instead mix it with a carrier oil for best results apply it twice a week . This oil is free from any kind of chemicals and is pocket friendly. Would you try this?