Chanyeol is back with a heartwarming apology letter for fans

EXO's Chanyeol returned after four months of his hiatus. EXOLs all over the world took off twitter to welcome him, posting under 'Chanyeol is back' as he wrote a letter addressing to the fans personally. The talented artist marked his 9 years anniversary with EXO since debut on 23rd February. To celebrate this day EXOLs gave him their warm wishes. Chanyeol who was busy with his private life seemed to be touched by the wishes and posted an apology letter the following day. He wrote a very thoughtful letter expressing gratitude and love towards his beloved fans also making an apology for his long absence. EXOLs were overjoyed, since this is the first time he spoke in four months to the fans personally after he was accused of his cheating scandal. After this moving letter from the idol himself, Chanyeol becomes the latest trend globally. Now that he is back do you think he will revive his activities? Share your thoughts!