Chathur Mukham : a warning for the overuse of mobile phones!

A fresh and noteworthy attempt at a techno-horror flick, it turns out to be a frightening Chathur Mukham for those who indulge in obsessive overuse of mobile phones. While it features ample tense moments and an engrossing plot laden with convincing technical solutions to combat supernatural happenings in the flick, the fourth face perhaps gets slightly soiled because of a few unrealistic scenes and loud filler performances.


spoilers alert:


A techno-horror flick, Chathur Mukham is perhaps the first of its kind in Malayalam cinema. Encompassing quite a few tense moments, it keeps us engaged with apt background scores and convincing visual effects. With a smoothly progressing storyline, I liked how the script tried to technically supress the supernatural happenings.


The ills of overusing mobile phones have been brought out well, amidst the events of the flick. The character of Manju Warrier has been portrayed effectively as a mobile phone addict, while getting constantly taunted by her friends and family for her overindulgence. It was a nice touch to show how Liza affected her physically in locations like her hands, which are supposedly the distressed spots because of an excess use of mobiles.


If you ignore a few loud filler characters like Basheer and a few unrealistic scenes like a fallen mobile tower not being attended by the nearby people or authorities even after considerable time of the event, it turns out to be a different and engaging watch.