Check out these amazing Malayalam films on Amazon Prime

We have been getting some amazing content from Malayalam cinema in recent times. From Joji, to the Oscar submission 'Jallikattu', these films have proven that regional content is the future. Here are three amazing Malayalam films which IMO are a must-watch.

The Great Indian Kitchen - Directed by Jeo Baby, this film is a punch in the gut of patriarchy as it explores everyday sexism at home. It tells the story of a newlywed lady and her struggles to be a housewife. It is a well-acted and directed powerful film that shouldn't be missed.

Kumbalangi Nights - This 2019 comedy-drama tells the story of four brothers in the namesake Kumbalangi village of Kerala. It is a beautifully shot film that explores some important issues like toxic masculinity and family bonding.

C U Soon - This film, also starring Fahad Faasil, used a technique out of necessity. The entire film takes place on a computer screen as it was shot during the lockdown in 2020. That's it. You will know how great it is only after watching it. It's a visual treat with a surprisingly emotional angle at its core.