Chehre : A Poorly executed Mystery Thriller.

Certain films grab our attention with its extremely gripping storyline but get drowned in poor execution. Chehre is one such addition to the long list of wasted opportunities. Touted to be a mystery thriller, this half-baked product never takes itself seriously at any point.

Karan, an AD Agency executive takes shelter at an old man’s house in order to escape a heavy snowstorm but gets trapped in a serious game of crime and punishment. Chehre might look fascinating outside, with an instantly catchy one-liner the movie gives us chills only to get drained in the latter hour. Chehre stuns with its breath-taking visuals and the set pieces with each frame looking polished and appealing. But when it comes to writing this Rumi Jeffery directorial couldn’t live up to its full potential. What goes wrong in chehre is it tries too many things in its long set of events. At times it feels like a mystery film while the rest feels like a poorly staged courtroom drama. The premise and the build up on seems quite engrossing at first but as the tale moves forward Chehre loses its grip and fails big time.

For Emran Hashmi, Chehre is yet another cakewalk role that he does with ease. He looks flamboyant and makes no mistake in filling the film as the protagonist. But if not for Amitabh Bachchan Chehre would have died a long way back. His presence is a blessing and the veteran star does a commendable job as the mystery man. While the rest of the prominent names on the list are mere puppets with nothing helpful for this sinking narrative. The initial hour of the film holds you with its riveting set up but the post interval narrative tends to be too pretentious and overlong, a bit trimming would’ve done wonders. At the end what's left is a long list of predictable sequences as the story leaves no element of surprise for us. Chehre might have tasted success a long time back sadly it doesn't have the scope in these times.

Chehre definitely has moments to enjoy but those scattered elements won't help this underwhelming thriller to stand on its own.