Chemical Exfoliation on the go!

I had heard a lot about the Ordinary peeling solution lately, and so I decided to give it a try. Now, I am sure you must be aware of how vital double cleansing is; however, you cannot solely rely on it for all your skincare problems. And that is when exfoliation comes into the picture. I don't prefer physical exfoliants because, more or less, they are pretty harsh on your skin, and that's why the buzz for the ordinary peeling solution attracted me towards it. Initially, I used it once a week, and after seeing visible results, I increased its usage. The Ordinary AHA+BHA peeling solution is a multi-acid solution that consists of 30% alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and 2% beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that penetrates deep layers of your skin and clears up your pores, leaving you with soft glowy skin. Moving on to how I like to use it, I start by cleansing my face and taking hot water steam because that opens up your pores, which helps to clear up the dirt better, and then apply the solution for not more than 10 minutes. However, I highly recommend you do a patch test to check your skin's sensitivity to the product. And lastly, gently wash off with water.