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Is Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the female Harry Potter?

The eerie coming-of-age plot is laced with horror and the supernatural in this adaptation of the "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" series. Sabrina Spellman accepts her dual existence half-witch, half-mortal whilst confronting with dark powers that challenge her. Unlike other adaptations *cough* Riverdale, Sabrina does not stray from the plot and maintains the flow well into every other season whilst keeping the audience engaged. Although the story revolves around deceit and exciting frights, the show also explores facets of high school life and even leaves room for romance to blossom. Which is why it's very entertaining: it effectively combines different emotions within the show while maintaining a balance.

Although Sabrina is a dark series. It’s not as scary and cannot be categorically placed under the Horror genre. They did get the Witchcraft and Wicca thing right to some extend but Wicca is a practice of magick through nature and not every one of them practices Black Magic, but on a fantasy level it was thrilling and entertaining. Maybe it’s a lot to say but it can be called the Female Harry Potter considering its about magic, friendship and love. The show also explores a lot of female empowerment from Lilith to Aunt Zelda , High Priestess of the Church of Night.

As someone who has read the comics and books of Sabrina, The teenage witch, I’m shocked to say I really enjoyed the series and will definitely watch the latest season and you should too!!


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