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The Chinese remake of Drishyam - ‘Sheep Without A Shepherd’ faces criticism.

‘Sheep Without A Shepherd’ a remake of 2013 Malayalam film Drishyam. The remake became 9th highest grossing Chinese film of 2019. Though they had changed the ending of the original for the remake, but many claimed that the changed ending had ruined the films experience.


Belfre I explain why it got some backlash, just remember this is going to contain spoilers, so - Spoiler alert! - In the ending of the original they get away with the murder and a flashback is shown and it turns out the body was hidden under the police station itself all along. In the remake however, the father ultimately hands himself to the police. Many in China were unhappy with the ending and felt that it didn’t do justice to the original and was to ‘unrealistic’.


The directer of the film defended the film saying the change was made purely out of ‘artistic considerations’ but many were still not convinced.


One of the reasons for the change could have possibly been the censorship laws in China. Which make the content being made restricted in what they can or cannot show. This may also be a reason for why other countries entertainment industries become do popular there, this could also be a reason for Indian films being popular in China as well.


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