Chinmayi Sripada - Woman of Steel

Anyone even remotely familiar with the South Indian Music Industry knows the name Chinmayi Sripada. She is a major singer who has not only sung songs in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada but has also given superhit songs in Hindi and Marathi.

For my Bollywood folks, to reiterate her fame: she has sung Hindi songs from big films like Guru in which she sang Tere Bina and Mayya; Chennai Express in which she sang Titli and 2 States in which she sang Mast Magan. She has over one thousand songs to her credit in over eight different languages.

Besides singing, Chinmayi is also a dubbing artist who has lent her voice to several leading actresses of the South Indian Film Industry today.

Now, you may ask, ‘Okay, she is an overachiever... but why are we talking about her and feeling bad about ourselves?’

Well, we’re talking about her professional achievements because the relevant people have forgotten these achievements and are instead emphasizing only on the major Music Industry names whom Chinmayi called out during the MeToo movement and how she called them out. Yes, that was brave. Yes, that was powerful. Yes, that woman deserves the world for not bothering about the consequences before doing something right and something that she believed in. But my question is: when a woman talks about her past trauma or her struggle, why are we constantly looking at her from the perspective of a victim? I mean, it is better than looking at her from the perspective of a gaslighter, but shouldn’t we be celebrating Chinmayi for everything she has contributed to the music industry - including trying to eliminate certain predators - instead?

Oh, I forgot to mention, Chinmayi Sripada is also the founder and CEO of a major translation company which has worked with big firms all over India to provide translation services. Just another one among her long list of achievements. Let's shift the conversation back in the direction of her profession and her fight against patriarchy?

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