Chocolate Day Special: This movie is all the sugar you need today!

If we talk about the sweetest movies ever made in the history of modern cinema we have got to include Green book into the discussion. The film which is essentially about the friendship that develops between two men and, as actual recordings exist of the two men, in real life, discussing their relationships and experiences, it feels authentic and sincere and a lot of heart. So here's me Jasdeep Singh telling you, "Why you should watch Green book"?

The Story

Don Shirley is a renowned pianist who is a very conflicted and an incomplete personality. He faces various types of discrimination against him during his whole trip with Tony, his driver cum bodyguard, as he tries to be accepted by the "civilized" society. As the two travel, they have many conversations, encountering many situations along the way. They also soon find out that they can help each other personally as well as professionally. And the chemistry between these two characters is the heart of the film.

The Performances

Viggo who play the role of Tony Lip, the Italian driver, is undeniably gifted and highly underrated. You can't agree more that the man can definitely craft a character against previous works. Equally enjoyable and convincing was the potrayal of Dr Don Shirley by Mahershala Ali. Their interactions were believable from start to finish.

All in all The film is able to address several complex issues while incorporating an entertaining comedic and amicable tone, due to a brilliant screenplay and well thought out dialogues between the two leads. Watch this and have an amazingly sweet Chocolate Day.

Avalibe on Sony Liv

IMDB 8.2