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Chura Ke Dil Mere 2.0 - The Good, The Bad and The Maybe

The Good: Keeping Shilpa Shetty in the remake as well as how it was shot/the camera angles - The one thing I liked about the song was how Shilpa was still in it and it was for her comeback movie as well. She was great in the song and stole the show (as always!). Though I would have loved p see Akshay and her pair up again onscreen for this song as well, but o guess it has something to do with the plot, so that’s why they may have chose not too, which is understandable. I also liked some of the shots and how they were done for some reason, it just kinda rounded out the song imo. 


The Bad: Remaking it to begin with and the addition of new singers: I think keeping the original song with a new MV would have been a better idea (I think it’s be better for most remakes to just do that instead tbh). They were unable to recreate the magic of the song honestly. I think the adding new singers and just changing the overall aura of the song didn’t work very well tbh. They should have just kept the original singers and maybe kept a bit more to the original composition too.


The Maybe: The choreography as well as the overall pitch of the song and Meezaan Jaffrey’s performance on the song - Meezaan wasn’t exactly bad, I actually quite liked his dancing tbh. But his expressions I felt could have been a bit toned down in the song, they felt a bit too much at times tbh. Though on the contrary at times they were good as well even. The choreography also ties in with that too. I think it just didn’t fit well with the sort of song they had, though who would have thought the originals choreography would fit into the song either, but it did as well I guess. Though in general I wish it was don’t just slightly differently instead maybe.


Overall, the song as a whole wasn’t too bad and had its plus points too. Though I just wish they kept the original and instead added the new MV with it, starring Shilpa and Meezaan instead. 


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