Coachella should have invited Big Bang to perform this year after their 2020 performance was cancelled

Big Bang was all set to perform at the 2020 Coachella. It would have been their first public appearance together after the discharge of all the members from the military.

It would also be the first time they'd perform and appear as four and not five after the retirement of Seungri. As excited as fans were, unfortunately, the 2020 Coachella had to be cancelled due to the uncontrollable outburst of Covid19.

With Big Bang's comeback this year, Coachella should have invited them to perform as it would be the perfect timing for the group to perform. 2022 Coachella will be a memorable one because of the sudden performance of all time K-Pop queens 2NE1, Jackson Wang being the first solo Chinese idol to perform and Epik High tearing down the stage again.

How cool it would be to see Big Bang perform along with their former label mates. It would totally be a YG family reunion stage.