Cold Case : A flick that’s not hot enough!

It would seem like a neatly worked out mystery thriller with a few effective scares. However, in the Cold light of day, the murder Case investigation falters because of keeping authenticity out in the cold. Artificiality and spoon feeding are too evident in the dialogues and execution, making it just an average flick that is not hot enough.


Spoilers alert:-


Cold case turns out to be an average watch, with two separate investigations of a gruesome murder, one involving supernatural elements and the other one relying on scientific findings. There are a few different and effective scares, which do help the flick’s cause.


Overall, the flick appears to be organised, at least with respect to the plot points, but if you delve deep into its details, it comes through easily that the flick is not realistic on many fronts, especially as far as the dialogues are concerned. There are multiple instances where spoon feeding has been used, diminishing its true to life factor.


Though at the start, there were some occasions of unnatural acting, Aditi Balan makes up for it as the movie goes ahead and becomes a pleasant face on the screen. Prithviraj puts in a shift with a serious face throughout, without once relaxing his face muscles, which kind of becomes annoying as the movie progresses. Some scenes appear to be unnecessarily included to enhance his masculinity, be it the bullet ride on official capacity or a fully geared cycle ride.


Cold case could’ve been a hot affair had the execution been done carefully with some thought. Also, the different angles of investigation, albeit interesting at the beginning, converge rather blandly. The makers seem to have failed at drawing a conclusion of the whole "Faith v Fact" conflict or merging them for that matter, especially when there was huge potential.