Cold Case - An Underwhelming Horror Thriller with half-baked thrills.

It's not easy to mix two complex genres and make an interesting film out of it. The latest outing by Prithviraj is a mixed bag that left me partly satisfied. 

An unidentified skull is found on a lake and ACP Satyajith who's in charge of the investigation sets out to unwrap the mystery. Parelelly we are also introduced to Medha, a TV reporter who is trying to solve a personal disturbance. Debutante Thanu Balak has managed to pull off a horror thriller that works only in parts. 

Cold Case suffers from heavy spoon-feeding and artificiality. Few threads are left untied and the makers couldn't exploit the plot's full potential. The sluggish second hour slows down this template investigative thriller. The final reveal wasn't much exciting and lack of WOW moments kills the whole fun but director has packed with some genuinely spooky elements to send chills down your spine. Cold Case had a really interesting premise in hand but the formulaic and straightforward treatment weighs down the film. Prithviraj is fit and makes an earnest performance. Aditi Balan in her limited screen space is impressive though her dubbing sucks. 

Cold Case is a muddled affair where the director seems too confused whether to treat it as a horror film or thriller. Amidst great expectations, Cold Case is a dish that serves cold.