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Colour code still matters ?

Instead of thinking or saying something like “I wish my skin were lighter” or “My skin is unattractive,” say something like “My dark skin makes me different from others and that makes me special.” Tell yourself: “My dark skin is beautiful. I am more than my outward appearance.”

Being dark skinned shouldn't give anyone an inferiority complex, and being fair doesn't make anyone more beautiful. All skin colours and tones are attractive in their own way. Why be judgmental about them?

Real beauty comes from within. The most beautiful people in the world are those who have a good heart.Don't try and emulate someone else's looks or personality. Be authentic - that's what will make you stand out. If you feel good about yourself on the inside then, no matter what, you - are - beautiful!

Young girls are conditioned to believe that no boy will be attracted to them because of their dark skin. It’s almost like questioning the very essence of someone’s existence. It is not surprising these women grow up to value fair skin more than the darker ones.Feel Beautiful, no matter what your skin tone.

We need to teach our girls to appreciate themselves irrespective of their colour, size, or any other differences. As they say, beauty is skin deep needs to be communicated in so many ways that the social narrative about our skin tones can finally rest in peace.


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