This commercial with Vir Das is slamming all sexist commercials, and I enjoyed it.

You want to sell your soft drink, but you're not sure where to start. Wait a moment while you concentrate on how the smooth, orange liquid slides into her thin, red lips with ease. You want to get rid of your deodorant, but you don't know where to start. It won't happen until a group of women runs the race of their life in front of the scented man. Oh, you're looking to sell your two-wheeler? How can you do it unless you give an abala nari a generous lift? Make it more spicy when you realise that an obvious criticism of the product and its utility won't get you noticed. How? Don't forget to include some female body! What could possibly be more appealing? Allow your audience to fantasise about those juicy lips rather than the drink. It's not macho to own a bike unless it can charm a lady. Who hasn't heard of it? It's true that women are so simple to get along with. And who isn't aware of this? Ladies are actually very easy to approach; all you have to do is spray a pleasant odour on them!

We don't believe there is a dearth of feminists in Bollywood. Disputes over remuneration between male and female actors have come up time and time again. Female leads have made it to dialogues, debates, and explosive declarations while having less screen time than male leads. We wonder where all the zeal goes when advertisers profit from objectifying a woman in order to attract more attention and increase product sales; and, unfortunately, when many leading ladies of Bollywood themselves are involved.

Vir Das starred in a commercial for the deodorant ‘He.' The ad is as caustic as it gets, but it still gets to you. If you've been a silent watcher of women being utilised as nothing more than gorgeous and accessible show-pieces in popular advertisements for the past few days, it's possible that your viewpoint will be shifted this time. Why? You can see it for yourself.