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The Controversy around the film ‘PK’

You’ve probably heard of the film ‘PK’ and the controversies it was in due to various reasons, especially its subject matter. I watched the film and found nothing wrong with it, the film imo didn’t hurt religious sentiments, but showed a journey of the helplessness of the character. I genuinely didn’t understand what the anger people had for it was about. I certainly didn’t feel offended watching it, I was more concerned about what was going to happen to the character and thought most others would be thinking the same while watching it too. Can we not even make films like this anymore? Films with a message, which aren’t afraid to showcase things such as religion in it to? If you don’t like the film, that’s one thing, but to completely denounce it, burn theatres, try to get it banned without even giving a second to understand what was happening and what the makers were actually trying to say, is just ridiculous imo. What I personally believe is that If your faith in God is strong enough, it shouldn’t be altered by what others think, but rather the opposite, since you yourself know what you believe and can still understand the message of the film but have your opinion on it too. Let’s be honest - If you pray for something does it always get fulfilled? So if they were showing his wishes not getting fulfilled than why get mad at the film for showing that? Why get mad at a film for showing a character running behind a man dressed as a god? The man dressed up as god, isn’t god himself, it’s just an actor. So why the ruckus on it? Most of all, why try to ban it and when that doesn’t work, burn theatres? What will come out of it? Just films being taken the ring way and art continuing to be tried to be tampered with by people who couldn’t understand its depth and instead of trying to understand it, were more concerned about letting everyone know how angry they felt by burning a theatre and destroying someone else’s property - Someone who didn’t even make the film, though destroying someone who made the films property is also just as bad. On an ending note, this is what R. M. Lodha said while rejecting a petition to ban the film for ‘hurting religious sentiments’ and ‘promoting nudity’. - ‘If you dont like it, dont watch it. Indian youth are smart enough to know that PK is fiction’ - Chief Justice R. M. Lodha.

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