Could 2021 Be The Year We Are Spared Of Unwanted Remixes?

Bollywood has been taking great old songs and remixing it to create music. Where is the creativity the musicians once had? Why does every mainstream film need to have at least one old song remixed to a party number? I feel like it's become like a right of passage. They have ruined so many good songs, but these are some of the worst remixes according to me:

1. Masakali 2.0 by Tanishk Bagchi- this remix was just not working. You cannot compare it to the iconic original.

2. Ek Do Teen by Sandeep Shirodkar- the original is a song that anyone from any age can enjoy, and this remix just does not live up to it.

3. Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast by Tanishk Bagchi- I mean the song is okay, but when I heard it, I just felt like playing the original.

4. Dus Bahane 2.0 by Vishal & Shekhar- this remix just feels wrong to me. Specially because Dus Bahane was such a hit song that it was playing everywhere then and plays in events till date.

I can't really recall any other ones right now, but I'm sure there are many remixes that were not needed, can anyone name anymore?