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Covid-19 or Covid Scams which one to fear more?

During these bad times when people need oxygen cylinders and medicines, many scammers are using payment apps and Whatsapp to steal money from the needy. While some of the leads from Social media are helpful there are a lot of unverified leads and fake profiles that are scamming people taking advantage of these desperate times. A Twitter user @NidhiSuresh in a series of tweets has explained how a scammer from Delhi named ‘Sachin Agrawal’ first asked 12.7k for 1 cylinder and then creates a pressure of taking 2 cylinders and that the payments need to be made urgently via Google Pay including 6k as GST. After receiving the payment his phone was found switched off and she later got to know that Sachin had duped many people who had reached out to him for Oxygen cylinders. Many Twitter users have highlighted the same scammer. He has scammed more than 24 people and has looted more than 4.5 Lakh. A girl lost her grandfather because Sachin kept telling her that the cylinder will reach her any moment but it never did. In India, there are many scammers taking advantage of our situation and our fear. We need to think logically before taking any action no matter how difficult the situation is.


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