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Cruella and the Controversy Around It

With an approximate release date of May 28th, 2021, Disney has given us a trailer and set of teaser photos for 'Cruella'. This will obviously be a film about Cruella De Vil, the villain in 101 Dalmatians. It also appears to be a film you can categorize with the likes of 'Maleficent', where the villains are given a backstory to be humanized. The film will star Emma Stone as Cruella herself and appears to be giving the cruel character a story which would explain her psychopathic tendencies and desire to make those Dalmatians into a fur coat. The issue with this however, is, it humanizes animal cruelty. Disney fan's have raised their voices to complain about how the team have taken an approach similar to the creators of Joker and tried to give us justifications about what she did. However, there is no justifying animal cruelty. What are your thoughts? Can we afford to humanize a character who was despised so ardently by reader's?

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