With the current status of the industry, where exactly Bollywood is leading ?

It feels the class in divided into groups : The Silent Spectators (who are just witnessing everything & playing safe), The Spoilt Stars (who are enjoying privilege without evening knowing its spelling), The Strugglers, The Burglars (here- the ones who steal somebody's role). There is a havoc in the industry.

One can't simply put this into the exact words but nothing feels right. Post 2020, the world appears upside down. There had been a lot of unnecessary tamaasha & B'wood needs to stop. People need to stop & introspect. Under the pretext of glamour, 'Hindi Cinema Industry' sadly, appears as an used old ladder to reach Politics, Hollywood, Underworld, Substances & what not. Maybe there's a ray of hope, but we as an audience must choose & prioritise our content wisely. Isn't it?