Is David Dhawan the reason that Varun Dhawan is not doing films like Badlapur and October?

Varun Dhawan, by no means, is a bad actor. His work in October, Badlapur, and Sui Dhaga are proof of that.

October especially was a beautifully made movie in which he offered a subtle, restrained performance. It's possibly his best work till date. And the audience liked these movies for the kind of content they offered. It also deviated Varun's image from the typical masala roles that he's been associated with. Given the whole nepotism debate, it would actually work in his favour to venture into films that aren't massy. But Varun keeps acting in movies that seemed like they're all rehashed versions of each other. More often than not, he also plays terribly stereotypical characters that are nonsensical.

Why doesn't he do more movies like Badlapur and October? Or does he find himself to have an obligation to star in father David Dhawan's string of remakes?