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Is David Dhawan planning to get out of the cycle of remaking his own classics?

David Dhawan: ‘We may surprise everyone by doing an entirely original film this time’

Is David Dhawan planning to do an original film this time around? The directer had previously admitted to remakes and sequels being a ‘convenient formula’ saying - ‘I know it is a convenient formula to do remakes and sequels. But we may surprise everyone by doing an entirely original film this time’. He further commented on the rumours about if a Biwi No 1 remake starring Varun Dhawan was actually happening, he said - ‘It is there in my mind, but not at the moment. It is too early to say anything. I need a little rest now...Maybe I'll come up with something original. I have already worked for a lot of years. So, time will say what is in store for me in the future. Let's see how it shapes especially after theatres reopen. India is filled with entertainment. You can do anything’. Do you think David Dhawan can actually give us a good watch with an original film? That too In today’s time? We cannot forget the classics he’s given us, but a lot of those films do appear to be problematic in today’s time’s. What do you think? Will he actually be able to surprise us with a original script or will we get another problematic commercial film instead?


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