Day 5 of the 83 box office collection: A major setback for Ranveer Singh's film as theatres close for the fifth time.

83 Although the film has garnered overwhelmingly great reviews and has received excellent word of mouth since its release, it does not appear to have translated into a positive box office result.

The 83 film starring Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, directed by Kabir Khan, required miraculous holds from Monday onwards before it even began to think about breaking even, let alone turning a profit, because its budget, including production costs and P&A (print and advertisement), is reportedly quite large. But it was not to be. The closure of cinema theatres in Delhi has exacerbated 83's box office woes.

Day 1 (Friday): ₹12.75 crore nett Day 2 (Saturday): ₹16.50 crore nett Day 3 (Saturday): ₹17.85 crore nett Day 4 (Monday): ₹7.50 crore nett Day 5 (Monday): ₹6.75 crore nett