DAY6's Wonpil's compassionate reaction to a fan's request is winning hearts

DAY6's Wonpil took to V-live for a voice-only live broadcast where he interacted with fans. Meanwhile, one of his responses to a fan's request went viral as fans found it empathetic. During the Vlive, one of his fans had requested him which left Wonpil angry and disgusted. The fan had written:

"Wonpil, they say that when you order delivery food, you shouldn't make it obvious that you're a woman who lives alone, because it's chaotic out there. Can you say 'Please leave it in front of the door' like you're my boyfriend? I want to record it and use it in the future."

To the request, Wonpil responded, "This is so wrong... the fact that I'm getting this kind of request at all is so wrong, isn't it? I'm not talking about the My Day who wrote the comment... Really, I feel like cursing." Wonpil, eventually, accepted the request and said, "Please leave it in front of the door" multiple times in different tones. Wonpil's compassionate reaction won many hearts as many of his fans appreciated him for speaking out and others supported him. If only we had more people with such mentality.

Meanwhile, DAY6 Wonpil has also announced that he is enlisting in the military on March 28, he tearfully announced the news. Well, we wish him a safe and sound time there. Fighting!