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Dear Big B, You're The Greatest But Please Retire - a Sincere Fan

Dear Amitabh Sir, as I pen down this letter to you, I feel the emotions rushing through my veins. You are known as the "Shahenshah of Bollywood" and you prove each word of this phrase. Starting from scratch, you have climbed up every stone of your journey to the throne with utmost patience and determination. As we all know, it has not been easy for you at all and there was always a chance for you to give up. But you kept doing what you loved, you kept entertaining us. I believe, there is no other actor who would keep experimenting with different characters at your age, there is no other personality who could ever match your charisma.

You have battled and risen from the jaws of death. From the fatal accident on the sets of Coolie, to fighting Covid-19, you have always surprised us with the tremendous willpower that you used to fight deadly obstacles. As I read your tweet about undergoing surgery today, the fan, the well-wisher in me, kept worrying about you and that led me to write this letter. You have inspired all your fans to keep going in life, no matter how harsh life treats you. But as we are all humans, we need time to restore all the energy that we give out while working our hearts and soul off. I sincerely feel that you should retire from the noise of showbiz and spend some quality time with your loving family. As much as we need you, your family needs you more. I hope you understand the emotions that are running behind this letter of mine and my sincere apologies to all other fans if I have offended you in any way possible.


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