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Dear Shah Rukh, I Really Really Miss You On Screen - An Unapologetic SRK Fan

Apologies for that melodramatic headline, but considering the point I want to make, I’m sure I’m sounding reasonable. This is a Shah Rukh fan talking, an unapologetic, committed SRK fan who’s frankly sick and tired of not seeing him on the screen since 2018. I’m so sick of his absence from screen that a small part of me is even ready to see him do something as silly as Jab Harry Met Sejal again. But I know he has bigger plans, I know he’s trying to make his absence feel worth it.

So Pathan isn’t releasing in 2021 and that’s what led me to act grumpy here. We’ve never been used to not seeing Shah Rukh on screen for a long time, hence it’s unfair to expect patience from his fans for such a long period. Pathan will come out in 2022 and that will make FOUR years of missing SRK. FOUR YEARS without Shah Rukh is unimaginable to me really. Ok enough complaining. Can I now please be honest and tell him that I really really miss him? No I don’t miss seeing him spread his arms or spread romance, I just miss hearing him talk in a dolby atmos sound. I miss seeing him on a big Imax screen, I miss the ShahRukhness of movies. I miss watching the entertaining yet content driven movie space that he has led for such a long time!

Knowing that I have to wait another year before I get to see him again is too much to ask. So on behalf of Shah Rukh fans, I want to tell him that we are patiently waiting for him to return on screen. Having said that, he must know that I along with millions of his fans are really missing him. So Dear Shah Rukh, please meet us again, as soon as you can!


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