Dear Sushant, You Changed Us Forever.. In A Good Way

The clock ticks a complete year ever since the young & talanted bloke from Bollywood chose to give us a shock we couldn't process. When Sushant Singh Rajput gave up on his life, all of us wondered why? Isn't a highly privileged life enough for someone to be at peace? He showed us it never is.


SSR choosing to cut his life short made way for some essential dialogues within every household. More than just being speculative, people were forced to discuss mental health and anxiety. For a nation that shies away from having uncomfortable discussion, Sushant forced us into introspection and however unintentionally it may be, changed this country forever. Yes, in all honesty, our outlook towards a lot of things changed only after he left. That's how significant he made himself by choosing to go.


A generation that viewed him as a film actor realised that it takes more than just money, talent & recognition to truly feel alive. For that and that alone, we will need to be forever indebted to Sushant.


Of course, almost every individual was too late to realise what a wonderful soul he was. Right from his love for pets to his inquisition for cosmos, from his unpretentious devotion to his love for family, most things about Sushant were special.


It's been one year since he chose to leave while giving us a heartache we keep feeling inside. But even his going made us ask some very important questions, much like his movies. Thank you for everything Sushant.